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    IPAD - Slingbox


      I just purchased an IPAD and just yesterday bought the Slingbox app -- I have slingbox on my MAC computer at home...and want to have it on my IPAD.....I am having problems with my password.  I went into Slingbox and changed it but when I go to Connect or Directory it asks for my password and I put it in and it won't do anything and now it just reads "Invalid Password - Try Again -- and I say Yes and try and again and nothing happens.  There is also an Admin Password On/Off slider which I have put to OFF but that does not help ????


      Any Ideas

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          Hi JanJammin',


          Here's the low-down on Slingbox passwords (I'm referring to Slingbox hardware password, not a Sling website password):



          Your Slingbox has two passwords:  User and Admin.


          Both allow you to watch.  User only allows you to watch.  Admin allows you to watch and configure.


          Slingbox can only accommodate one connection at a time.  If someone is already connected and watching, User will get a busy message.  Admin will get a busy message with the option of terminating the current connection so it can watch/configure.  Admin's "kick to connect" ability is always available, even if the current person used Admin.  In short, two people who know the Admin password can take turns kicking each other and fight over the Slingbox- so don't share your Admin password.



          The admin password slider is how you tell the Slingbox which password you're sending.  If you send a valid User PW with admin slider ON, it'll fail.  If you send a valid Admin PW with the slider OFF, it'll fail.  In short, User PW = slider OFF; Admin PW = slider ON.




          If you still have problems, delete/re-add the Slingbox entry in the directory.  Last resort would be to delete the directory entry AND do a hard reset on the Slingbox... basically start over.



          Good luck !

          • Re: IPAD - Slingbox  Just bought Ipad and Slingbox app and cannot get through the password maze! Terrible app with no instructions.  Anybody getting there IPAD download to work? How?

            Just bought the Ipad and loaded the IPad Slingobx mobilew app to now avail with same password problem. Cannot believe how poor the instructions are on this app.  Anybody figure it out?