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    few seconds of video then weak or no signal detected

      • latest firmware slingbox prohd and router at both ends
      • 5 Mbps upstream @ slingbox location
      • latest software in ie and desktop app; ridiculous computer rendering(dual 5770s, core i7 920, etc etc)


      When I change to a channel, I get choppy video, the bandwidth spools up to around 80-90Kbps after a few seconds, then I get weak or no signal detected.  All channels, all rendering devices.  video and audio comes in and out for a few seconds at a time.


      We just upgraded the cable modem @ broadcast site, which is when this started.


      I have re-run slingbox setup, including rescanning of channels.


      I have gone through configuration steps on router to forward 5001 properly.


      This is a pro-hd connected direct to coax from the wall.


      Can anyone recommend next steps to troubleshoot?