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    internet connection is not working with my slingbox


      My slingbox has worked nicely for more than year. Today, Slingbox has power light on but internet light is not on. I tried everything, re-set the box and network box; unpluged power, change ethernet cable, but there is no internet light on.  My computer does not even recognize the box. Is my slingbox broken?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I would first suggest a test to confirm whether the problem is upstream of the Slingbox.  Using the same Ethernet cable that was plugged into the Slingbox when the problem began, can you plug this ethernet cable into a laptop computer and see if it will communicate through youir router with the Internet.   You would want to be sure that the wifi in your laptop is turned off first, so that the wifi doesn't provide a "backdoor" access to the Internet.


          If the laptop doesn't connect to the internet, then the problem would seem to be in the ethernet cable or the router.


          If the laptop connects fine, then I would try first a soft reset of your Slingbox, by pressing the red button on the back for 3 seconds.   Then if it still doesn't connect, try a hard reset of the slingbox by pressing the red button on the back for more than 10 seconds.


          Other users have spoken of a "super hard reset" as a another resort, where they press in the red button, unplug the SB's power while keeping the button pressed, then plug the power back in and continue to keep the button pressed in for another 15 seconds.


          And if all of that doesn't do the trick, then the problem may be with your power adapter, for which the solution most folks talk about is to purchase a replacement power adapter.