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    LAN connection problem with my Slingbox Pro-HD due to power adaptor failure


      Last 2-weeks, my slingbox suddenly didn't work. I found the LAN LED was dim and the router LED connected to the port was no light. Therefore, I tried to reconnect the LAN cable and push the reset botton but without success. I noticed the power LED was lighted normally.


      I called the service agent, Synergy, in HK and I was told to bring the unit and the power adaptor to the customer service support centre at Kwai Chung.

      Last Friday, I went to the service centre again, the service guy claimed the power adaptor (output 5V 4A) was damaged and gave me a different one (without Sling label) as a free replacement. He also confirmed the Slingbox unit was in good condition. I quickly set it up on that night and it worked properly.


      In the following day, I noticed the bottom surface of the Slingbox unit and the power adaptor were very hot. I could feel it by hand at about 50 degree C. Most probably it could reach 70~80 degree C inside the unit and the adaptor. Since the system was inactive for more than 10 hours, the heat must be some indication of malfunction. Per the manufacturer's information, the system consumes little power during the "standby" mode.


      When I was picking up from the service centre, I met a man brought in an adaptor and asking for a replacement. The man said this was the second power adaptor was being replaced for the same model. He didn't encounter the power adaptor problem with his Slingbox Solo.


      I suspect the unit's standby circuit, either the circuit HW or the software bug due for a command, is not working properly. It keeps on burning at full or high load even ther there is no signal request. I'm afraid the newly replaced adaptor wouldn't last long though it is still working today.


      Want to share this with all the interested Slingbox users.