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    Slingbox Pro US-Version in Germany Connect Devices Remote




      before i write my questions i`m sory for my bad english, but i couldn`t find an german forum for slingboxes.

      i have bought an slingbox pro us-version. i`m living in germany.


      i would be able to connect one of my sat receivers and perhaps it would be great my media player.

      my sat receivers are:


      Coolstream HD1

      Nokia DBox 2


      Mediaplayer is an "HDX 1000"



      are remote setting for this devices available? how can i get them, how must i install this?

      so that i can see my original remote to control in my sling player on my pc or slingplayer on my android phone.


      i hope that you understand my questions. thanks for your held.



      greetz from germany