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    No Sound on TV anymore


      Hi All,


      I had the Slingbox working for me perfectly for the last 1 year with no problem.


      Two days ago, with no warning or special issue, i lost the sound at the normal TV.


      Connecting sound and video directly to the TV from the reciever works fine. cables are ok.


      Reset to slingbox didnt help....


      What could be wrong at Slingbox? any configuration issue?



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          Hi, otcd


          I understand that you are having some issue with the Slingbox audio signal.


          Most of the times, this issue is related to a bad audio cables connection or software issue. The following link will provide you with some steps to follow in order to fix this issue.


          Slingbox audio issues: Basic troubleshooting



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              Dear Ranaleon,


              Thank you for the reply.


              Unfortunately i couldnt solve the problem. I am a technical guy, so issues like cables and sucg are not related.


              Please note that i cant even factory reset the box and even network cable connection is not shown.


              My concern is that there is a HW problem inside the box....


              Now the box is a 2 years old and the local company that sells the slingbox, wants me to pay both for the inspection and fixing the box. This is something i cant accept! How come such a box gets dead after 2 years??


              Please advice what can i do.