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    Issues accessing Slingbox Solo from Outside Network with Verizon Fios / Apple Time Capsule


      Hi guys,


      I setup a Slingbox solo on my network.  I have no issues access the slingbox locally within the network but cannot connect to the unit from the outside.  I'm pretty tech / network savvy so it's frustrating that it isn't working.  Here is my setup:


      Verizon Fios Router ( connected to Apple Time Capsule (

      Apple Time Capsule distributes IP addresses (10.0.1.*) to all devices (computers, Tivos, iDevices, etc.)


      Slingbox Solo Port 5005


      Verizon Fios Router :  Port 5005 ->

      Apple Time Capsule : Port 5005 ->


      Any thoughts what could be wrong with my configuration or suggestions to get it working?  When I use the Slingbox setup it confirms that my outside network setup is configured properly - yet I cannot access it.  Thanks!