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    Network Light Won't Turn On


      I just bought a brand new slingbox solo and have a network that uses both an ethernet "switch" and a wireless router.  The feed comes from the cable company modem to the switch and then multiple feeds leave the switch to different rooms in the house.  The room I want to set up sling box to has a hard line ethernet connection directly from the switch that works with a laptop but the slingbox network light will not turn solid (I confirmed the connection by turning off my wireless on my laptop and I still had internet).  As a test my other room which I do not want slingbox has a wireless router which has a hardline feed from the switch to the wireless router then to the slingbox does effectively get the network light to go solid.


      Based on this, I feel the issue is not the AC adapter as suggested by other pages and feel maybe it's a network or firewall problem?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Hi, RJ1234


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox, since it does not get the solid network light when connected to a switch.


          In this case, since you have already tested a different connection to your router and the Slingbox gets the solid network light, the issue seems to be the connection through the switch.


          As an option, we recommend you to use the SlingLinks or a wireless bridge. If you decide to get the SlingLinks, you must verify that both rooms (where the router and the Slingbox are) go into the same electrical circuit, otherwise, the SlingLinks will not work for you. You will be able to get further details on the following links.


          SlingLink TURBO


          How it Works