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    Slingbox solo network light is off


      I have had my slingbox solo since February 2011 and all has been well until last week.


      I noticed a high pitched noice coming from the plug that powers the slingbox last week which concerned me. At the weekend I was trying to connect to watch my slingbox through my iphone but it would not connect.  Tonight I logged on to re-connect or reset the box, however nothing is working.


      I've tried to do a reset but it is not doing anything.  The netwrok light never comes on or flashes for 30 seconds, it just never comes on when turning the box on.  I have followed the steps via http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000057.html and have read similar issues.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi texaspetey,


          For this type of network issues with your Slingbox SOLO, I recommend to have a look at this link;


          Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


          If you already performed all the steps and the issue persisted, read the note "What to do if the troubleshooting above doesn't help" that you can find on that link too.



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              Thank you for the links but I had seen that already.


              Amazon being brilliant as they are, sent me a replacement slingbox solo and as thought the culprit was the Power outlet (plug). I had read this over and over about customers complaining and getting answers from fellow users with the same problem to just buy a new power outlet. However because my unit was bough this year, I expected slingbox to send me a replacement as they seemed like a modern company. However seeing all of the chargeable support and difficulty in contacting you guys, I just got amazon to give me a full refund which they have done. Slingbox is a nice idea, but the support to it's customers isn't there and thats a problem when there a free legal apps out there now that provide you the same service.