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    Can I improve streaming to my phone?

    tedkord Newbie

      Here's my setup:


      Slingbox Pro-HD

      D-Link DIR-655n

      Comcast Cable Internet (regularly tests at 20+Mbps down/3-4 Mbps up)

      A Digital to analog converter feeding the signal to the Slingbox via coax cable

      HTC Thunderbolt LTE phone


      When I went from 3G on the Verizon Wireless network to 4G LTE, I expected streaming to be much smoother - it's not any better. It's still jumpy, and low quality. (even set to HQ)


      My 4G phone speed tests at 20+Mbps down, 5+Mbps up. I've got a solid pipeline, but the video doesn't stream any better than when I was on Verizons SLOOOOOOOW 3G (less than 500kpbs always)


      How can I get this rectified? I've never been very happy with this product, but I blamed it on VZW's anemic 3G. Apparently, that's not the (only) bottleneck. Can anyone make any recommendations? Router settings, different setup - anything? Any help is appreciated.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Have you assigned a static IP address on your router to your Slingbox? (instructions on how to do this are on page 31 of your manual)


          Have you forwarded port 5001 to this static IP address assigned on your router to your Slingbox?  (instructions on how to do this are on page 34 of your manual -- SlingMedia recommends forwarding both the TCP and UDP protocols of port 5001 to the static IP address assigned to your Slingbox.


          If both of these are done, then I am guessing that the problem relates to a Quality of Service (QOS) setting or default setup on your router, but I don't use these on my own router (a completely different brand), so I can't really help you here.