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    Slingbox Classic crashes Uverse RG


      Hi all,


           Recently plugged in a slingbox classic to get it up and running again. Within about 10 seconds of connecting the slingbox to the network, my internet and phone (voip) shut down. The lights on the 2Wire Uverse Residential Gateway (RG) start blinking red. When I disconnect the slingbox from the network, the internet and phone work again within about 30 seconds and the red lights stop blinking.

           I have tried this connected through a 1gb switch and also directly to the RG with the same results. I have reset the slingbox to factory settings to no avail. I've tried looking through logs in the RG but couldn't find anything useful.

           My next step is going to be trying to set it up on an isolated network with a spare router, but I haven't had the chance to do that yet. I was hoping someone on here would have an idea of where to start?




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          when i plugged in my two i did not have a problem, they were behind switches though...try hard-resetting the sling box while not plugged in then connect.  I had to do this so they would show up on the new U-Verse network after i switched to them.  there could be an IP address conflict.