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    Ipad network streaming slow (2 dots)


      I have a new Slingbox Solo and only use it at home on the iPad. The Slingbox connects fine, but I can never get the high bandwidth resolution (3dots) as described in your knowledge base. I get up to 1200 Kbytes and two dots. It typically ramps up from about 400K. I've tried 2 different wireless routers (one set up as only an access point) and attempted to configure the port forwarding, but I need some more info.


      Exactly which ports is the iPad app using. My configuration says 5001. Is that the downlink from the Sliingbox to the iPad? And are there additional return ports? I assume it is UDP.


      My wireless network easily handles 5MB per second. My network configuration consists of a broadband Comcast modem followed by a dedicated firewall router. The Slingbox is networked to this subnet. I also have a wireless router that then connects to that subnet. This second router provides the wifi to the iPad.


      Thanks for the help!