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    Component input not working


      I have a slingbox HD.  I can view video output using composite or S- Video.  When I connect component cables is no video signal on my computer..  Audio is OK.  I know the cables are good because I can connect them directly to the TV from the cable box Isee the video, but if I connect the component output of the slingbox to the Tv there is no video.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I would hazard a guess you have your TV connected via the HDMI port ?    If so, then HDCP (Look it up in Wikepedia) will disable the component output.

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              I have my component sound only working while the cable box (Directv) is connected to tv via HDMI.  The component sound works, but if I switch to s-video for input from directv, sould goes away.  That is way to wiered and a problem.  S-Video is a better quality picture then component.  I am not sure what the heck is going on.  The only thing I haven't tried is connecting the component video and sound, but changing the video to S-video whi8ch makes no sense at all...


              Any Ideas?

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  I need to clear up some misunderstangs you appear to have about terminology.  Component video (Orange/Blue/Green), S-video and Composite video (Yellow) deal ONLY with video (the clue is on the name )   So there is no such thing as Component Sound, there is only Analog sound (Red/White) and Digital Sound, often called SPDIF (nornally Orange).   Most people use just the analog RCA Red/White cables for sound.


                  Now you say that S-Video gives a better picture than Component Video ?   No logic there as Component Video (and HDMI) pass HD signals and S-Video and Composite video pass SD signals.   So no explanation for that.


                  The normal wiring solution for this is use the HD Component video (Orange/Blue/Green) from the Cable box to the Slingbox and then the pass through system to use HD Component Video from the Slingbox to the TV.  Then use the Analog (Red/White) sound cables from Cable box to Slingbox then pass through to the TV.


                  If you have to use the HDMI cable for the TV then you cannot send an HD signal to the Slingbox so you just have to use either the Yellow Composite video or the S-Video cable and again the Red/White for sound.


                  Make sense ?

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                I'm have the same issue. I have the HDMI output from my Comcast cable DVR (Cisco RNG 200) going to the TV and the composite cables going from the cable box to my Slingbox (Slingbox Pro HD). I set this up per the instructions and now find out that I get a low/no signal on my Ipad, but I do get sound. When I disconnect/disable the HDMI at the cable box it works and I get video and sound. Is there another work around for this? Other then using the composite pass through (hate all the wires)?  They should have mentioned this issue in the instructions. I had to go to a lot of forums to find this.

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                    I appear to have the same problem.  I have the same Cable Box RNG 200 Comcast Cisco.  I have the component cables from the box to the sling box.  What exactly is a composite pass through?  I have attached pics of my connections and set up in my post  (geekymamaw) asking for help with this.  Right now I'm getting black and white pic with good sound.   I can't change channels.