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      My Slingbox works for a few minutes and then I loose contact with it and I get Code:W201.


      Any suggestions ?

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          Hi bkpedersen,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you can't connect to the Slingbox.


          Now, what I would recommend, is to provide more information about the problem that you're having, for example, network layout, type of connections, router's Setup, etc.


          That way, you will be able to receive a proper response from the forum users.



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            Same problem here I connect remotely for 3-5 minutes before i get message W201 I rest my box numerous times, home Internet is Ok, I belive is a problem in the sofware<I experience the problem after i update my slingbox. Please Help

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              I have the same problem, works fine at home but not in hotel