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    Comcast Scientific Atlanta DVR prevents access from SlingBox


      I have a Scientific Atlanta DVR with Comcast (I think it is the 8300 model).  I have the sole DVR HDMI output connected to a Pioneer Elite 7.1 receiver, and the DVR component output connected to the SlingBox HD adaptor that came with my SlingBox Pro (it has what looks like an HDMI plug on one end, then a doo-dad with the 5 video/audio jacks to accept component video connections).


      Here is the problem: with the HDMI output connected to the Pioneer Elite receiver, the DVR software blocks the component video output.  It is intended to thwart people copying content, I think.  What that means is that I cannot watch anything on the DVR (even regular channels) via the SlingBox.  It seems to let me turn it on and off, but that's it.


      What is annoying is that the component video output seems to be blocked, even when the Pioneer receiver and the television are turned off.  If I unplug the HDMI cable leading to the receiver from the DVR, I can get the component video output to work.  However, it is not practical to disconnect the HDMI cable whenever I want to watch via the SlingBox.  What I think is going on is that the DVR box checks to see if you are using HDMI output, and if it senses you are, it shuts down the other outputs.  The receiver must still somehow be visible to the DVR box even when it is off.  Perhaps it stays in a low power state or something.


      Does anyone have any advice as to how to get my setup to work?



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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi dzumsande,


          You nailed the problem- your Explorer 8300HD won't allow the component output to operate while HDMI is present.  That's a hardware restriction imposed by Comcast and built into your 8300HD, there's no way around it that I'm aware of.  It's annoying, and you're stuck on that path.


          Here are some options:


          - If your Pioneer Elite receiver can accept a component video source, you could discontinue using HDMI and go that way.  Your Sling HD Connect adapter will then let you set things up the way you want since it functions as a passthrough.  It will work, but it's a somewhat lame workaround.  I can understand why you wouldn't want to do this.


          - Another option is to leave HDMI and your primary equipment alone and feed your Sling Pro with S-Video or composite.  The HDMI restrictions on your 8300HD won't apply to those outputs.  I've actually done this with the a Cox Cable 8300HD and a Sling AV and Classic with success.  The downside is that you can't sling in HD, but your primary equipment will operate at full quality and without hinderance.



          Option 2 worked well for me.  Of course, the AV and Classic aren't HD capable and I mainly watched Slingbox over the internet.  That, and I couldn't sustain the bandwidth required for HD even if they were, so I wasn't losing out on anything.  The bottom line is that streaming quality over S-Video was quite good and satisfied my expectations.  If I wanted a big, super picture, I'd wait until I got home.  I respect that your expectations may be higher.


          There was another occasionally useful benefit that I had not expected: There were two sets of SD outputs on my 8300HD, both displayed the same thing as the HD output.  If I fed the Slingbox from output pair #2, I could select a show in my DVR recorded list and "dump to VCR."  This would isolate SD output 2 from the rest of the system and run the recording.  You can't stop, pause, FFW/REW, but you can watch while the rest of the system is free for use on the other outputs.  Once the recording is over (or you cancel the VCR dump from another TV), output 2 returns to normal operation.


          Why is this handy ?  I'm home and someone is already watching the main TV.  I want to watch a stored recording off the DVR at the same time.  So I "dump it to VCR", take my laptop in the other room and everyone's happy.  It's a stretch and a cumbersome workaround, but it has prevented a number of arguments at home.



          Hope this helps !



          - Az

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            i had the same problem and the S-Video worked for me also

            the one problem i have now is i cannot get the remote working

            what remote selection did you choose for the cable box to know changing channels or are there any other settings i should be aware of?


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              Since the day I got my Slingbox (almost 2 years ago) I really wished it had HDMI support.  If it had HDMI passthrough, it would solve this problem for me.  I just got a new receiver and rewired some stuff.  Basically my only option for best operation is to have the Slingbox take input from the S-Video cable.  Of course when I login to my Slingbox all I get is standard definition.  It really sucks, considering I shelled out extra cash just to get the HD version of the Slingbox to begin with.  If I could do it again, I never would have paid that extra money because it doesn't help me at all.


              My only other option is finding a way to split the HDMI from my DVR into 2 output...HDMI and Component.  I don't know if such a device exists.  I think I can figure out a way to do it, but I really don't want to buy 2 devices and spend another $100.