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    How can I stream PAL SD (720 x 576 I think)?

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      I've had a Slingbox for years and found it excellent. Currently I have a Slingbox SOLO connected to a Sky+ box in London which I use to stream across here to Istanbul.


      So far, due to my sub 1mbps upload speed I've not yet managed to really use the max output of 640 x 480 that I believe the SOLO is capable of. However, soon I'm going to be upgrading my ADSL to have up to 2.5mbs upload speed and I'm optimistically (or perhaps naively!) hoping that I'll finally be able to stream at the highest available SD resolution.


      My plan is to hook this up to my TV here in Turkey either using a Slingcatcher or a dedicated PC (probably a Mac mini) either running the slingplayer in a browser or using the slingplayer desktop software.


      However I am of the understanding that PAL is actually 720 x 576 which is higher than the SOLO's maximum streaming output.


      So what are my options for being able to stream 'full SD'?


      Would a Pro HD be able to stream at 720 x 576 (since it can stream at higher HD resolutions)? I'd still be passing an SD signal from my Sky+ box (I'm not too bothered with proper HD streaming at this stage). Or would it get downscaled to 640 x 480 and thus below PAL SD?


      I believe you can set, on the Slingcatcher, the resolution that it expects from the remote Slingbox and I've seen reference to being able to set it to 576 so there must presumably be a way to receive 576.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hi OvCollyer,


          What I understand from your post, is that you would like to know the PAL specs for the Slingbox.


          Before providing any response, let me ask you. What is the connection that you're planning to use?


          Are you planning to use the SCART inputs, HDMI?



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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              Hi Josebrenes


              Thanks for the reply - even if it took more than a month


              In the end I bought a Slingcatcher and discovered the answer to my question myself - basically the only SD resolution I can stream at is 640 x 480.


              If I want a higher resolution than that then I need to use 1280 x 540, but this is too much for my upload speed (around 1600 kbps).


              Overall I'm happy with the Slingcatcher though - I can't believe you guys discontinued this piece of kit! I understand the plans seem to revolve around integrating Sling catching capabilities into existing hardware platforms, but I can't imagine how you'll come up with something as user friendly without a hardware remote, not to mention that anyone wanting such sling catching capabilities is then tied into whatever hardware platforms you decide.


              Just my twopence - KUTGW