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    error to watch slingbox.com cause he's change account alone


      hello there i'm here today for let the people know that i'm really not happy with a slingbox.com service, i have 2 accounts in slingbox.com because i have 2 slingbox solo in 2 different apartment, so.. the slingboxes are in switzerland and i live and watch TV streaming form thailand because i live here, almost 90% of the times i trying to connect to my slingbox solo when i click the button Watch on the website the service connect me to the other account name and other slingbox around the world, IS THIS POSSIBLE????? now i tried with 2 different PC and 2 different browser ( firefox and explorer ) always the same, i connect to slingbox.com with my username and pass, when i loggin in and i click on Watch he change my account to another account ( randomly i think ) because the account where slingbox.com connect me change everytime, in 5 minutes i loggin in a 4 different account person ( from usa, south arabia, france, and turkey i think... i know that about the decoder where i'm connected and the language ) so.. do you think you can fix this HUGE problem?? right now i want to look italian football on my slingbox but i must to look Cricket player play in arabia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      this is crazy and i hope you can fix that problem





      if i use for connected to my slingbox the slingplayer with ipad or android or windows work great but not everytime i can connect with slingplayer.



      best regards