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    Competition with SageTV (Google TV), ability to record, choppy video streaming


      With the recent acquisition of SageTV by Google, it seems as if SageTV is not being sold

      or supported at this time.  I liked SageTV for its ability to record TV shows remotely on

      the hard drive (the SageTV server). Is there a way to do the same with SlingBox/SlingMedia?

      Now to SlingBox, at times, the video streaming with SlingBox is choppy and hogs the CPU that at times

      I just have to close the program and start it over again.   I did not notice that with SageTV

      after I got it working properly and it streamed pretty consistently within my home network

      (streaming from SageTV server to SageTV client within intranet).

      SageTV did not do so well when I tried to stream video at a remote location over the internet

      probably because of the bandwidth it requires.  SlingMedia does a better job remotely across

      the internet I will say.


      There could be some room for improvement with SlingBox while SageTV gets its act together

      as I my license expired with SageTV early August after 15 days usage and now SageTV

      encourages me to reformat my hard drive, reinstall my operating system just to download

      a fresh version of SageTV.


      SlingBox could gain some ground if it can offer some of the functionality that SageTV offers.


      Thank you.



      Update, I was having some issues with SlingBox streaming video being choppy and cutting in and

      out. I power cycled the SlingBox and things seem fine now.