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    All the updates and no legacy support?

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      Hi Guys. You helped me back in 2014 and we got this sorted but now since all the updates I'm completely flummoxed again. Everything was working fine and now nothing appears to support the slingbox pro hd


      The issue is basically the same as the 2014 question: https://community.slingbox.com/message/100593#100593


      But unfortunately now the online player doesn't support it, the Windows player barely supports and well its been a nightmare and I haven't been able to get up and running again.


      The purchased slingplayer on my mobile still sort of supports the HD pro but the free one you released that works on firesticks wont? Is there an APK for the android version that works on my phone that will work on the firestick?


      I hope you can help, I really like your products and have been a customer for years.