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    slingbox solo keeps dropping connection, help


      i have a slingbox solo with a belkin router (G+ Mimo 4-port router; model: F5D9231-4). Everyday I will have to manually go to slingbox.com on my home network and change the last 3 digits of the IP address from 254 to 5 for me to connect to slingbox remotely.


      I have called slingbox and they state its a router setting that slingbox cannot help with; I called belkin and they have no idea what a slingbox is or don't understand my issue. I believe I need to set a static IP for my slingbox via my router settings, but I have no idea or dont know if this is right track.

      Can someone post a nice guide or thorough instructions? I am new to managing router and IP addresses and any help would be greatly appreciated!


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          Can you port forward to the 254 address and call it good? Set the Sling to 254.  I believe it's a Sling issue and not your router.  I keep the first 25 numbers 2-25 free for DHCP numbering of your laptop and cells connecting and needing an IP address.  The 254 is high enough and the number I use.  Make sure your available IP addresses go from 1-255 (or higher).  Once you have the IP issue solved but not keeping it's connection I have another place for you to look.


          If in warranty, call Sling and have it replaced.


          Out of warranty, have the 3 capacitors visually inspected on the board and if needed replaced.  Google "slingbox capacitor failure repair" I just fixed mine for $6 and it's working again.  Two of the 3 were bad.