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    Weak or no video signal detected


      I have my coax cable from the cable company connected directly into my Slingbox Pro-HD. I receive some of the clear QAM channels just fine but with others I get "Weak or no video signal detected" although the channel initially displays with some green or gray fuzzy garbage on the bottom of the screen. On the status bar it reads Optimizing... and up to 2500Kbps before the screen freezes and goes to the weak or no video signal detected. This lasts for about 30 seconds, then the video/sound briefly return before it goes to black again. On the channels where it works I get up to 5900 Kbps.  This only happens for certain QAM channels. Discovery works but HGTV does not. TNT works but Spike does not.


      I have the latest firmware and latest Slingplayer. This happens whether I'm on my home network, on another computer or using my phone.

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Yaysling,



          I doubt there's anything wrong with your software, firmware or equipment.



          Are you expecting the missing channels to be picked up as an analog cable feed (NTSC) ?  Depending on where you are and who your cable company is, there's a lot of funny business afoot with content delivery over traditional analog.  If you're expecting the missing channels to be picked up as a QAM feed, they might be moving them around... hopefully just to different assignments, but possibly off QAM and into their "basic digital" (i.e. encrypted) lineup.


          Your Pro HD's tuner can eat NTSC, ATSC and QAM, so if there's a signal there it should be able to find it.


          The reason I'm suspicious of your cable company is because you're getting SOME QAM channels on a reliable basis.  If your tuner was borked or you were having software problems, I don't think that would be the case.  Also, you mentioned that the behavior was consistent across different networks, computers and platforms.  Less critical troubleshooting evidence than some channels working, but still significant.


          Again, I think your gear is fine and I smell a rat coming down the coax.



          The Weak or No Video Signal Detected error means exactly that-  you have a solid connection between your computer and the Slingbox, but it's not seeing a signal on the input you've selected.  If you're sure you've selected the correct input (Slingbox menu > Video Input), you could try running the setup assistant again and rescan for channels.  Maybe (hopefully) they'll show up.


          Regarding the streaming rates, if the image on the screen isn't changing, it doesn't require as much bandwidth to display.  If you have an empty black screen, it's normal for the rates to drop off to a very low level.  My rig drops to around 150 Kbps over the LAN under those conditions.  It pops up to normal within seconds after I feed the Sling a signal.


          Optimizing... means that the Slingbox is watching, sampling and actively adjusting its transmission rate while your Player is doing something similar with its buffer.  The system (mainly the Player) tries to show you a picture based on the raw stream while the two are doing their business of setting up smooth playback.  That's why you're seeing the green fuzz at first- the Player is trying to show you a few frames of what's going on.  It doesn't take long before the two figure out that the video source isn't stable, and it fails over to the Weak or No Signal message.  The fuzz returns after awhile because until you command it otherwise, the system continues trying to set up playback.  And so goes the cycle.


          I'll put it another way- on an older TV, you got junk and static when the source failed.  On a newer TV, it just goes blank.  Your Pro HD is doing the latter.


          On those QAM channels that are working reliably, you should be seeing Optimizing... for a little while with so-so playback.  After 10-15 seconds it should change to Streaming..., indicating that the streaming rate and buffer are all set and ready to go.  Playback improves because you're watching the local buffer now instead of the actual stream.



          Back to the problem...



          If possible, try hooking an antenna up to the tuner input and the cable coax up directly to a TV (no cable box).  Assuming you have broadcast stations in range, I'll bet the Pro HD will have no problem grabbing whatever is floating through the air and your TV will choke on the same channels you're having problems with now.  If I'm right, this won't fix your missing channels but you will know what's causing the problem.


          I'll keep my fingers crossed that rescanning for channels helps.




          Good luck !



          - Az

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              Hi Arizona Sackbut,


              thank you for your detailed answer. Let me first say I think I agree with you that it's most likely a cable company issue (annoyingly).


              The missing channels are all clear QAM digital channels. They display fine on the TV with its QAM tuner in the next room, yet encounter the Weak or no video signal issue when streamed via the Slingbox. Currently the TV is connected directly to the coax without a set-top box or DTA.


              I have tried re-scanning the channels on the Sling assistant several times. The cable company has not moved the channels around in a while as the numbers remain the same on the TV. The Sling assistant correctly identified the ANT IN as Cable (Hybrid) since I do still have some analog channels left.


              Thank you for the explanation of the optimizing vs. streaming messages.


              I had tested out signal strength issues on my end by removing all of the splitters which divide the signal between my cable modem and my AV set-up and connecting the slingbox directly to the wall coax. This did not produce any improvement. I also tried a Motorola signal booster and again didn't get any improvements.


              I wanted to make sure I hadn't left anything obvious unexplored before chalking it up to the cable company.


              Is there anything else you or others would suggest I do?

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                  ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                  Hi Yaysling,


                  I think you're doing a GREAT job troubleshooting, lots of excellent details.  So good in fact that I think you've found a hole in my diagnosis- if your TV directly connected can pick up the missing channels reliably with it's QAM tuner, the Pro HD should be able to as well.



                  I'm not ready to rule out cable company shenannigans, but that hole brings the Pro HD back into question.


                  One thing that I keep re-reading from your last post is...


                  The Sling assistant correctly identified the ANT IN as Cable (Hybrid) since I do still have some analog channels left.


                  ...that sounds correct.  But hmmm.  I wonder what would happen if you chose an option other than Cable (Hybrid).  I can't duplicate that with my service and equipment (my stuff is too old), so I'm at the end of my rope now.  What's bugging me is that I'm assuming (Hybrid) will smoothly jump between the NTSC/ATSC/QAM frequencies and protocols automatically.  Perhaps you can check that assumption with a few more setup runs ?



                  If you find some reasonable evidence of this latest theory, I wonder what it would take (or if it's possible) to specify what to do with each channel.  Manually define them I suppose.



                  NOW I'm crossing my fingers that the auto-scan wizard isn't too smart for it's britches.


                  This is turning into a good thread. 


                  - Az

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                I was going to post this as a new thread but since my problem also involves the apparently soon to be famous “Weak or no video signal detected” message, I will go ahead and post it here.

                My situation is a little different.  I live in Mexico more than half the year.  My other home is in California.  I have DirecTV service in California which I really like.  Down here, the satellite offerings are somewhat limited so over a year ago, I installed a Slingbox Solo (Model No. HR21-700) on my home and sent the signal down here.  It worked pretty good.  Some degradation of picture quality but nothing we could not live with.  Initially, we watched our programs on one of two laptop computers (one is a Toshiba running a Vista operating system and the other a Samsung using Windows XP).  Both worked equally well.  This past fall I decided to add a Slingcatcher to the system so that we could actually watch on a real television monitor.  Because the TV was not conveniently located close to the internet router, I also installed a SlingTurbo to send the signal over my home’s wiring to the Slingcatcher.  Again, worked pretty well…until a month ago.

                A month ago, we started getting a lot of disconnects.  Each time we would have to go through the laborious process of reconnecting.  This would take a couple of minutes while, of course, our program at the other end continued to run.  Sometimes, it required a complete reboot of the Slingcatcher before we could reconnect.  Very frustrating…so I ran a long Ethernet cable from the router to the Slingbox (bypassing the SlingTurbo since I thought the problem might be there).  Same problem with the same frequency of disconnects.  Last Friday, I starting again watching on my Toshiba laptop.  The frequency of disconnects seemed to slightly diminish.  The big improvement was that I could reconnect faster this way and miss less of the program being watched.

                I showed my wife how to reconnect on her laptop and Saturday night last she hooked herself up out in the living room using the long Ethernet cable.  Worked fine for most of the evening and then…BAM!  Would not show a picture or broadcast an audio no matter how many times she tried.  Each time she got the “Weak or No Video Signal Detected”.  We tried it back on the television using the Slingcatcher/Turbo setup.  Same message received.  I tried on my laptop with the same result.  I moved her laptop back closer to the router this morning and now, on her computer I cannot even get a connect.  Different message now.  Says it cannot find the Slingbox at all.  My laptop, on the other hand, still “connects” and then gives me the “Weak or No Video Signal Detected”.

                How’s that for a longwinded background description?  My question now is what do I do?  Is there anything I can do from here. I go home in three weeks.  Do I simply wait for three weeks and try to solve the program at the other end then?  Or, do I send my computer geek friend into the Calif. house to try to do something at that end to the Slingbox itself?

                My wife is furious since several of her favorite shows are coming down to their finales, the DirectTV hard drive is getting full, I can’t even get on long enough to delete some of the old shows we have stored on there, etc.  I have put a lot of time and money into Sling products.  I am now wondering if I pull them all out, settle for Mexican satellite service in the future, and chalk the Sling investment off as a loss.

                Any thoughts on solving my dilemma, either from this end or, ultimately when I return to California?  Tyou for your responses.  

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                    ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                    Hi Smudge,



                    The problem is likely in California on the Slingbox side.  You've tried a number of sensible things on the viewing side in Mexico, the only thing you didn't mention specifically was attempting to view from a different network.  You could test that easily enough by taking your laptop and trying it with someone else's internet connection. 



                    Getting the Weak or No Signal Detected message and actually being disconnected are two separate issues, one doesn't influence or cause the other.  Also, both tend to be caused by things on the Slingbox side, not the viewing side.


                    The Weak Signal message means there is something wrong with your video source- your Solo isn't getting a picture from the DirecTV box.  You could have a perfectly good connection to the Solo and still get that message if the DirecTV box was turned off or unhooked.


                    Being disconnected could be a number of things, but it will be related to your network.  Unstable internet, scrambled router or Cable/DSL modem, something like that.


                    The only single failure I can think of that would cause both types of errors is if your Slingbox is having problems.



                    If someone can go over to your California house and check on things, that might be a good idea.  Assuming the DirecTV system is working, at least they could delete the old shows you mentioned and free up some drive space.


                    If you send someone, rebooting the Cable/DSL modem, router and Slingbox (power cycle, not hard reset) would be a good idea.  Also check for signs of overheating on the Slingbox.  It can run pretty warm under normal conditions, but it shouldn't be HOT.


                    Finally, if they have their own laptop or access to a computer in your home, see if they can connect and watch over the home network.  Ideally, this test would be conducted for more than a few minutes.  You want to try and reproduce the problem there, try and see what's happening.




                    Good luck ! 



                    - Az

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                        You seem like you know a lot about the stuff, so maybe you can help me out.  I got a slingbox pro in december and set it up at my house in order to watch some shows from my laptop at college.  I set it up and everything worked fine while I was home.  I was able to get good video/audio while still at home.  As soon as I went to school, I received the weak/no signal detected.  Now that I am home for the summer, I tried to watch on my computer from home again, and I am still getting the weak/no signal detected.  I am running a Scientific Atlantic cable box to the Slingbox Pro via red, white, yellow RCA jacks then from the slingbox to my tv via the same type of RCA jacks.  I am using a slinglink turbo for the internet connection.  Could the problem be with the slinglink turbo?  I am able to change the channel on the cable box through the sling player, so there is some connection, but I guess it is not strong enough to watch on my tv?  Any help is appreciated.



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                      Reviving this thread ... set a Slingbox Pro HD up about a week ago, and just noticed tonight that a few stations are getting no signal.  This issue goes away if I disconnect the Slingbox.  Is there anything I can do about this problem?  It is only about 4 channels or so out of hundreds.  It is connected through a Tivo Series 3, using component video.  To make matters worse, the Slingbox prevents these channels from tuning in on the Tivo directly, as well as being unable to view them through the Slingbox.

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                        I'm having the same "Weak or no video signal detected" problem. My Slingbox Pro (not HD) worked fine until several months ago when I tried to hook a DVR into my system; it hasn't worked since. I've spent many hours tracing cables, changing settings, etc. to no avail. My configuration is not the standard: I have a DishDVR 508 which feeds into a TriplePlay RF converter, the signal from which is combined with the feed from my external antenna and then goes to multiple TV's throughout the house. The Slingbox gets the signal via standard TV cable and outputs to my Apple Airport Extreme.


                        Possibly complicating matters is that in the meantime I have upgraded to Snow Leopard and installed a new Airport Extreme. I have reset the Slingbox, checked the TV signal to the Slingbox, tried configuring in different ways, but nothing works. Because I am feeding non-HD Dish programming through the RF converter, I know I am providing an analog signal that the Slingbox needs (when I set it to the Dish feed, not the off-the-air stations). I know I have old equipment in both the Dish receiver and the Slingbox, but I'm not about to upgrade either when I doubt that is the problem.


                        I purchased a network tuner though which I can watch TV on any computer in my network using EyeTV, so my network doesn't appear to be the problem. I'm almost to the point of trashing the Slingbox and using LogMeIn to access TV when I'm away from home, though that wouldn't give me control of the Dish receiver to change channels or watch recorded programs stored there.


                        I'm the first to admit I'm technologically challenged, so any suggestions have to be specific and non-technical. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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                            eferz Expert

                            I'm curious.  Your connection into the Slingbox sounds like it is using "ANT IN."  While you ran through the channel seach of Setup Assitant; how many channels did it find?

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                                I'll admit I'm terribly confused because I've been working on both Slingbox and EyeTV at the same time on top of the fact that I have no technological aptitude at all. I have gotten EyeTV working (with an network tuner), but curiously, EyeTV does not find our local PBS station which we have no trouble watching on our TVs. Nor have I been able to access EyeTV with my iPhone, but that's a different matter.


                                Slingbox Setup Assistant has not given me a chance to scan for channels, I assume because no signal is detected. I've found a support note that my Sling has to be configured as analog cable, but that doesn't work because I have to select "Other" hardware and none of the controller codes work. Seems to me that I should be able to configure for satellite because I think my signal from my (very old) DishDVR 508 is analog and I'm sure it's analog once fed through the RF converter (output from the Dish goes through the RF converter and then is split out all over the house along with the antenna feed, including to the Sling using coax cable--yes, to "ANT IN.").


                                On any TV we can select off-the-air digital channels (with a converter box on our old sets) or watch Dish output on channel 25 (the channel 25 preset is still there but it doesn't work). I have no signal strength problems on any TV. I have confirmed that a good signal is making it to the Sling. I realize my Sling won't process the off-the-air digital signals, but I can also get those channels through Dish.


                                I know the above explanation is rather convoluted, but I think all the information is necessary for you to understand what I'm working with. Thanks for asking and please feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

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                                    eferz Expert

                                    I looked at the manual for your Dish box. (http://www.dishnetwork.com/downloads/user-guides/receivers/510_UserGuide.pdf).  Perhaps you can simplify things by connecting the Slingbox directly to the Dish DVR 508 using the Audio and Video cables instead of RF.


                                    Here are the options for the video source from the Setup Assistant.

                                    • Component
                                    • S-Video
                                    • Composite
                                    • ANT IN
                                      • External box (cable box, satellite reciever, DVR, etc.)
                                        • The box outputs to channel: ____
                                      • Cable service (without a cable box)
                                      • Antenna


                                    I'm guessing that you selected "ANT IN" then selected "External box (cable box, satellite reciever, DVR, etc.)" except in this configuration, I think it expects the box to be connected directly to the Slingbox and broadcasting to a specific channel like 3 or 4.  Then the virtual remote will control the DirecTV DVR.


                                    If you select "Cable service (without a box)" or "Antenna" then the internal tuner will scan for the channels and probably pick up the three channels provided by your TriplePlay RF.  However, it will only allow you to change the channels using the internal tuner.  Leaving your DirecTV DVR 508 unable to be controlled via the Slingplayer interface.

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                                        Wow! Thanks for the quick response!


                                        I don't have time to work through it until at least Saturday, but I understand the idea of feeding the Sling directly through one output while feeding the TVs through another...and also, still, through the original feed?  Like I said, I'm technologically challenged, but I'll work through it and let you know.


                                        Thanks again!

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                                            eferz Expert

                                            I'm not sure if I understand the question.


                                            jturnerspfld wrote:

                                            ...and also, still, through the original feed?
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                                                To pick up anything from the RF converter, I'd have to still have the coax connected to the Sling as well as the direct connection from the Dish. But since I don't feed the antenna through the RF converter, it wouldn't gain me anything anyway. Then again, maybe I could feed the antenna through the converter as well as directly to the TVs to have both analog and digital signals from off-the-air channels? Don't think that would work because the converter puts each input into a distinct channel, so tuning to channel 31 would give me all the off-the-air channels at once?


                                                It's too late and I'm too tired to figure it out, but thanks for giving me more to work with. I'm going to bed!

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                                                    eferz Expert

                                                    jturnerspfld wrote:


                                                    To pick up anything from the RF converter, I'd have to still have the coax connected to the Sling as well as the direct connection from the Dish. But since I don't feed the antenna through the RF converter, it wouldn't gain me anything anyway.


                                                    Gotcha.  You're still intending on picking up the other two channels provided by the TriplePlay RF Moduator.  May I ask what other devices you're modulating on the TriplePlay RF modulator?


                                                    Connecting the DirecTV DVR 508 to the Slingbox using the standard RCA audio and video cables will allow you to control the DirecTV box seperately.  Which is one of the first things you mentioned in your original posting as something you wanted to do.


                                                    Then again, maybe I could feed the antenna through the converter as well as directly to the TVs to have both analog and digital signals from off-the-air channels?


                                                    I think you're confusing what you have.  The TriplePlay RF is a RF modulator not a convertor.  It doesn't convert the signal.  It takes baseband signals and modulates them to a specific frequency.  This allows you host multiple devices through the RF cable, where each device is seperated by the channel frequencies.  (http://www.netmedia.com/vs2005/mm73_4pg_LED.pdf)


                                                    You'll have to pick up a RF combiner to combine the Over The Air (OTA) channels with the channels moduled by the TriplePlay RF.


                                                    Don't think that would work because the converter puts each input into a distinct channel, so tuning to channel 31 would give me all the off-the-air channels at once?


                                                    Normally, what you would do is tune to the output channels of modulator to frequencies which aren't being used.  That way the broadcast channel isn't conflicting with the modulated channel.


                                                    It's too late and I'm too tired to figure it out, but thanks for giving me more to work with. I'm going to bed!


                                                    No worries, this forum will still be around when you wake up.


                                                    The next time you have available time, this is what I recommend that do.  First, don't change any of the physical cabling.  Instead, go into the Slingplayer's Setup Assitant and and reconfigure the "ANT IN" video source of the Slingbox.  This time, select "Antenna" and allow it to scan through the all the available channels.  It's about a five minute process.


                                                    It should pick up the three seperate channels provided by the TriplePlay RF modulator if the corresponding devices are turned on and displaying video. After the process is complete, you'll then be given the remote for the internal tuner.  You'll be able to rotate through the found channels using the channel up and down buttons.

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                                                        I've been gone most of the day and so haven't tried hooking the Dish directly to the Sling.


                                                        The Sling has always been able to control the Dish through the use of a wired IR transmitter. I can still get it to turn the Dish on and off with some setup choices, but not cable/analog. In the past I've also had a VCR controlled by the Dish, but it's when I took that out and tried to put in the DVR/DVD that my problems started.


                                                        (As an aside, I gave the DVR to my son who informed me tonight that the problem with the DVR is capacitors that need to be replaced. That explains why I couldn't get it to work, but not why I can't get anything to work through the Sling.)


                                                        I originally had the Dish, a VCR, and a DVD player connected to the RF modulator. I took both the VCR and DVD player out to add the DVR/DVD. Now I have only the Dish and DVD routed through it. I signed up for a package deal from AT&T but the installers told me the TV feed wouldn't work with my system because the modulator puts out analog signals, so I cancelled the installation rather than limit most of my TVs to OTA only. Antenna signals are viewed on their regular channels, Dish is viewed on 25, and the DVD on 29.


                                                        The feeds from the modulator and antenna are combined (no RF combiner--just a splitter in reverse), then split out to TVs, Slingbox, network tuner (for viewing TV on computers), a computer, and some miscellaneous recording devices which are very seldom used. I have a signal amplifier and have no trouble with signal strength (as judged by viewing) at any of the connected devices. We do not have room for the bigger screens (37" is our largest) and HD as a viewing enhancement is of no importance to us.


                                                        As for what the modulator does or doesn't do, all I know is what the AT&T installers and others have told me and that I have no trouble viewing the digital OTA channels along with the DVD and Dish on all my TVs (with digital converter on the older TVs for OTA). The Slingbox Pro is several years old and not HD (optional converter available), but digital/analog is beyond me. The DVD is a year or two old. Viewing the Dish on channel 25 and the DVD on 29 works fine with both digital and non-digital (without using the digital converter) TVs.


                                                        If I understand you correctly, the RF converter does not change a digital signal to analog so I get an analog signal from it because it is being fed an analog signal. The new TVs no doubt have both digital and analog tuners, thus allowing them to view the output from the modulator on 25 and 29 as well as OTA stations on their regular channels. If that's true, then the Dish output is analog and when the TVs no longer have analog tuners I won't be able to use my (purchased) Dish receiver/DVR any longer unless I can find an analog-to-digital converter for it. Is the same true for the DVD player?


                                                        As for my comment about feeding OTA through the modulator, forget it. I was struggling to understand all this and realize 1) I would have to run the antenna feed through a tuner before going to the modulator, and 2) it wouldn't gain me anything because I get all those stations directly from the antenna anyway. If the digital were converted to analog, I could do away with the digital converter boxes on the old TVs, but then I could only get the one channel the tuner was on. Not helpful.


                                                        It's not that I want to cling to old technology forever or that I'm really tight with my money, but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment when it doesn't do anything to enhance my viewing experience.


                                                        Again, I apologize for being so long-winded, but I am very lost and have a setup that I assume is far from the norm. I will try the direct Dish to Sling tomorrow, though I don't see how that can work any better than the current setup--unless it bypasses some electronic failure such as my son found in the DVR/DVD.

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                                                            eferz Expert

                                                            Oi vey.  Your post was very lengthy and quite difficult to follow.  The problem is you're intermixing certain technology and terminology.    For example, you say you don't have an RF combiner but instead you're using an RF splitter only in reverse.  Those multiprong RF whatchamacallits are both an RF  combiner and splitter.  Its functionality depends on how its being used.


                                                            Then it seems like you're mixing terminology with your TriplePlay RF modulator as if it was also a convertor but its not.  Let me see if I can explain.  The signals coming out from the composite video (yellow), audio left (white), and audio right (red cables) are analog baseband signals.  What I mean by analog baseband signal, is that the signal is a wave which starts a 0Hz and can rise as high as 6Mhz.


                                                            Analog cable and over the air television starts its inital channel around the 100Mhz frequency and each channel is seperated by at least 6Mhz.  So, when you're tuning in an analog channel your adjusting through a subset of frequencies set aside for that channel.  Your TriplePlay RF modulator, takes that wave from 0hz to 6Mhz of either the DVD or Dish cables and modulates the wave up into the television spectrum.  That's how you're able to watch your DVD on channel 29 and your Dish Receiver on channel 25.


                                                            If you need an analogy.  Think about playing a song on the piano.  You can play a song's at C scale and you fingers will be at "normal position" while you're playing the notes.  Now lets say you want to play the same song in E-flat minor, you would then slide your hands down and then play the same song on a different scale.  This is in essence what a modulator does.  It takes the waveform from a baseband signal and modulates it to frequencies that occupy a specific channel.


                                                            Calling that process a conversion would be a misnomer.  I think the average person might see an RCA cable going into a device which feeds an RF cable, and think this type of adaption can also be referred to as a conversion.  However, that would be wrong because an adapater allows  intermixing of different cables by adapting the form factor.  In this case your TriplePlay RF modulator is part adapater and part modulator but there's no signal conversion taking place.


                                                            Analog signals are represented as waves, the waveform rises and lowers as the information changes.  Digital is represented in bursts of on and off singals, sort of like morse code.  So, an analog to digital convertor will take a wave and convert it into a series of on and off signals.


                                                            Anyways, go back to my previous post becase it seems like you ignored it. Or at least the part which I gave you a suggestion that doesn't require to rewire anything.  Instead, all you need to do is to run through Setup Assistant to logically change the configuration of your Slingbox's setup.  It might give you a better idea of the difference in setup.

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                                                                Hey, up front I said I'm confused and technologically challenged!


                                                                The composite video connection worked! I would prefer to have the antenna feed insteador in additionso that I could watch without possibly interfering with daily recordings my wife has set up (she records and watches the same reruns daily even though she has seen every program multiple times!). However, I'll take what I can get. Besides, most of the time I will use it to watch local news when I'm away from home and that won't conflict with recording.


                                                                Thank you for all your help. I will keep your responses in case I need to trouble-shoot again and need a refresher on terminology and technology.

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                                                                    eferz Expert

                                                                      You're welcome.  I'm glad you were able to sort that out.


                                                                    If you're still intending on using the ANT IN for your digital television, then you'll either need to get a Digital to Analog convertor or purchase a Slingbox Pro-HD which has a hybrid analog / digital tuner.  It would be able to pick up any over the air ATSC and unencrypted QAM channels which your television providers broadcasts.


                                                                    You can still pick up the analog channels with your Slingbox pro, you just need to rerun through the setup assistant and chose "Antenna" or "Cable Service"  then it will scan through the available channels.  With your setup I'm not sure which you have coming into your home, so you can always try it either way to see which gives you the most channels.

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                                                Well I read most of these answers but it doesn't help me.  I have been using my slingbox pro for 2 and a half years.  I was watching it last night remotely I finished my show and shut it off. A few minutes later I turned it on and it connects and goes through the optimizing and then I get the weak or no video signal.


                                                I got home checked the connections on which I a good spliter feeding a tv and the slingbox.  Tv worked, i switched the cables and I still get the same message. I went directlly to slingbox without splitter and nothing.  Again the signal is there but I still get that message.

                                                Any ideas?


                                                Note: I tested it on other devices too, like my pc hard wired to the same router and nothing and same message.

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                                                  There has to be something in the hardware or software in the Slingbox that's influenced by what kind of QAM channel that the Singbox Pro-HD will or won't display.  I engineer a SMATV system where we have both QAM channels generated from satellite channels and QAM channels generated from off-the-air channels. With the cable connected directly to the Slingbox, with no cable box, the OTA QAM channels are broadcast by the Slingbox perfectly, however, the Satellite generated QAM channels just give the "weak or no signal" message.  (BTW the OTA channels are being converted to QAM before they are placed on the cable system.)  I'm guessing that the OTA signals are giving the Slingbox some bit of information that the Satellite channels are not, but I'm at a loss as to what that could be.

                                                  • Re: Weak or no video signal detected

                                                    Ok so I have a similar problem. I have the Pro HD and it worked well for several months. Then it stopped and now that I am home I am trying to figure it out. I updated the software and got it working with two problems. The first is that the upper channels are showing weak or no signal. And the second is that the same channels that on slingbox show as weak signal are blocky on my tv ONLY when the slingbox is connected.


                                                    I am connecting to Comcast using the coaxial cable. From the wall to the slingbox out to the cable box and then to the tv. I tried with a coaxial splitter but got the same result. Any ideas??