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    Slingbox Pro-HD controls DVR...sometimes


      I have a Slingbox Pro-HD that is about 2 months old. The problem that  i'm having is that sometimes it will control my DirecTV HD DVR and  sometimes it won't.


      I have tried with the web app,  desktop app and iPhone app. I'll log in bring up the controls, but the  software will not control the DVR. I'll log out try it another day then  it will magically work. When it does work it works perfectly fine.


      I  have tried doing the setup over, checking the IR, rebooting the  Slingbox and resetting the Slingbox. The same problem occurs. It will  work, i'll log off and try to log on a few days later and then the  problem returns.


      This is getting real annoying as my DVR is almost full  and i need to be able to watch and/or delete lower priority shows so  that higher priority shows won't get deleted (this is problem should not  be occuring).


      Any input is greatly appreciated.