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    New user - guide trouble and stopped stream




      New owner here.  Pretty much happy with the new box, but have a couple of bugs I'd like to work out.



      I am having issues with the guide, both through the web based player at watch.slingbox.com and the windows app.

      Results of scanning here:

      So, I am getting channels.

      SLingplayer software guide:  I get the digital channels, but the "assign a network to view Program Information".


      Channel guide shows the channels, but when I use the guide, I get static.  I am seeing channels running from 1 to 994.

      I can access a channel using the remote to hit 2.1 directly.

      Any idea?

      I would prefer to use the installed software.




      Not a big deal, but while watching a game last night, the stream locked up for a few seconds.  Of course, it happened right when they scored a touch down.    I have also had the stream freeze for quite some time and have had to restart the software.  Is this normal, is there any way to avoid it?


      I am running coax from the wall, no box.


      Thank you!