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    The Sling logo and power led blinks


      Hi, last week my sling box was "not in use" but pluged in, twhen it strted blinking in the sling logo, and the power led blinks to.

      I have tryed to press reset button, unplug overnight - but nothing helps,

      I cant see it on the network anymore.

      Any idea of what is wrong?



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          Hi, Lamanga791


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox since the logo and power light blink.


          Even though you have provided some information about this lights, you did not mention the Slingbox network light. Now, there are only two options for the Slingbox network light: it is blinking or it is off. In all case, the following links will provide you with all the information and the steps to follow.


          The lights on the front of your Slingbox


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off


          The Network light on my Slingbox is blinking



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              The Network light is off,

              the power light is blinking

              and the Sling Logo is with ALL lights at same time blinking!

              two blinks a secund.


              I tryed to leave it blinking for 4 hours - no change.


              I have two other devices on the same switch, and they work and I have changed the ports, but the Slingbox will not request a IP address.




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                I have a similar issue.  I have noticed that for the past few weeks I couldn't connect to my slingbox...since I was in a car, I would forget about it when I got home.  When I unplug my slingbox, then restore power, the power light comes on, and sometimes the sling logo, but then the ethernet light flashes about three times (very dim) and all lights go out, and there is no power to the box.


                What Should I do next? 

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                Big problem here also.


                I have 2 Slingbox PRO which has worked without problems for over 2 years but yesterday they stopped working.
                My netSlingplayer came up with the message (lose connection due to poor inner network connection) and it was on both boxes. then disappeared all setups on both boxes from my Sling Account and i got info about that it had found 2 new boxes.


                I would then do a reset factory settings but nothing happens when I press the reset button for 5 seconds or longer, and now they are totally dead.

                When I plug them into 220v only the power led lighting, the net led and the led next to the Slinglogo will never flash or light? and the boxes never get an ip-adress.


                As i wright, both boxes have been working for over 2 years without any problems on my 100 mb up and down  internet connection.



                I have tried to connect my Slingbokes to 4 different routers and LAN connections and they are totally dead. the led lamp on the router inputs will not even think about flashing to indicate that there is traffic on the connection.


                All this situation happened after I updated new software on the boxes via my account on Slingplayer.com so maybe there are viruses or a bugs in the softwareversion, that makes the internet connection and resetbutton to die. remember that I can't even make a reset so the boxes wil startup with the out off the box factory settings.


                What will Sling advise me to do?


                Steen Svendsen



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