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    Cannot Connect after move


      I just moved to a new house...set everything with Slingbox back up just how it was...but have new PC.  Have solid lights on both Slingbox and the two Sling Media boxes because computer and tv not in same room....just as before.


      When I log in to Slingbox.com....and start the set up process...it sees my Slingbox...puts it up on the screen....but when I click on it to complete the set up process it gives me an Error Cannot Connect to Slingbox message and asks if I want to try again.  I cannot believe there is no one to call at Slingbox for help...but would like to get this going again.





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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I don't own Slingmedia, but I do understand that they must be plugged into outlets that are on the same phase of AC current in the household.. Most houses typically have two phases, with roughly half of the circuits (and wall outlets) in the house on one phase and the rest on the second phase.  Determining which phase your two Slingmedia are on when plugged in -- other than by trial and error in moving one of them to a different wall outlet -- can be tricky; as it involves removing the cover plate from your circuit panel box and viewing which of the two main bus bars each circuit breaker is connected to and at the same time figuring out which circuit breakers control the specific outlets into which your two Slingmedia are plugged.  It is not so simple an answer as "well, the circuit breakers on the left are on one phase and those on the right are on the other phase".


          I would advise consulting an electrician -- attempting to figure out the phases yourself can be very dangerous -- electricity can and does kill people when poking around in circuit panels.