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    Sling HD just stopped being able to see online


      The over the internet connection stopped. Light on router is out for that port but I tried connecting laptop to same port and it works fine. Checked all connections, good. Rebooted Slingbox HD and status didn't change - still no light on router and connection to made. I'm at a loss. What else do I try?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          When you first connected your slingbox to your router, did you program the router to assign a static IP address to the Slingbox, and after doing that, did you program your router to forward port 5001 to that static IP address?   If both of those steps were done, and you can log in to your router and display a list of the IP addresses that it has assigned, (and includes the Slingbox as a static IP address assigned), then I would try power-cycling both the Slingbox and the router, to see if the static IP address connection is then restablished, and connection with your Slingbox is restored.