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    Can't change channels with Pro-HD


      Hi, In China now and our slingbox has been working great for about three months. Now we can only get one channel and if we try to change it either with the remote or through the guide we get a message "Your HDTV does not support HDCP. Please use the YPrPB component connection to watch television". We have to logout and back in to get back to the picture which is fine on the one channel.

      Any one with ideas - Hate to miss the Bama/Penn State game Saturday because we are on the wrong channel.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I would hazard a guess that you are using the HDMI cable to feed the TV, and your TV provider has just done a firmware update on your cable/satellite and implemented HDCP  (Check it out on Wikepedia).  If so you are going to have to get someone to rewire your Slingbox/TV/box connections.

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            chakkarinen Apprentice

            Sounds like you are using an HDMI cable somewhere in your setup, and the HDCP security protocol has now been invoked by your TV service provider, which is blocking signals.   The solution that I have heard others speak of -- although I have no personal experience with this as I don't use HDMI cables -- is to disconnect all HDMI cables from your cable box-slingbox-TV wiring system and use the 5-wire (red-blue-green for video and red-white or audio) component wiring system to distributing HD-quality signals.


            And Bama won.