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    Must have Slingbox App for all Android users to put phone in reverse landscape


      I hv never posted here or pretty much any forum, but I just found an App that every want should get if they hv Slingplayer mobile for Android...It's called Orientation Control by Coin Soft & it costs $1.49.  It enables you to put your phone in reverse landscape.  Slingbox for Android only has landscape mode, but doesn't auto orientate if you flip the phone in reverse landscape (like Android does for the internet or most apps).  I needed this function so I could charge my phone & watch Slingbox w/my kickstand out on my Motorola Photon.  The charging port is on the bottom of the phone w/the kickstand out an the phone in normal landscape mode.  However, if you flip the phone in reverse landscape, the kickstand still supports the phone & now the phone charging port is on top.  I don't know if you are allowed to mention Apps here or if I put this in the right area.  I don't know if Slingbox has plans of having it auto orientate, but I wanted to pass this on to everyone.  Sorry if this is old news or if the forum doesn't allow you to mention Apps.

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          Thanks so much for your suggestion.  I recently got a Galaxy Tablet 10.1.  I have an ACase folio cover that allows the tab to be set up in landscape mode.  The problem is that the power connector is on the bottom and won't allow you to charge the tab while it's in landscape mode in the stand.  Reverse landscape (available with the Oriention Control app) works perfectly to allow the tablet to be turned upside down, allowing the charging cable to be connected on the top.  This reverse landscape works perfectly for both the Slingplayer app and the Netflix app.




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