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    Remote control Bell ExpressVu 9200


           Hello, I recently purchased the SlingBox PRO HD and it's great.  I am using it with Windows 7 and a iPad.  I tried to configure the remote with my Bell ExpressVu 9200, but the on-screen remote is not accurate.  It appears to be the older remote because it has limited functionality; specifically the PVR, skip forward 30 seconds, back 15 seconds, fast forward, rewind buttons are not available.  I tried to create my own remote control, but after spending quite some time with it, I gave up.  It didn't seem to read the buttons very well.  Notably, when configuring my iPad, all the buttons are accurate, including a skip forward 30 seconds and PVR button! I wonder then, is there a default setup I can load for Windows as well?  Or perhaps I have configured my Bell 9200 remote incorrectly?  Please advise if you have a bit of time.


      Thank you!