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    Cannot connect to Slingbox on Internet after 2 months of perfect performance, Modem/Router needs Frequent Reset - Why?


      Help, I cannot view my slingbox over internet, get error message that player cannot connect to Slingbox



      - Slinbox Pro-HD installed 7/2/2011, running v firmware.

      - Worked perfecctly 7/2/2011 - about 9/2/2011

      - 9/2/2011 - 9/5/2011 - While at home, computer would be unable to access internet after going into sleep mode, pulling power/resetting cable modem and power to Linsksys WRT54G Modem would cure issue. Time Warner Cable, the ISP says their cable modem is fine and not an issue. Called them multiple times through weekend when at home and asked why connection required reset 3 times, they could not isolate to any actionable issue.

      - Slingbox works ok afterward each reset. Computer able to hit internet after each reset.

      - 9/5/2011 - AM (morning) Watch Slingbox on home computer, do not need reset of connections. Thinking all ok, turn off computer, leave town

      - 9/5/2011 - PM (evening)  Get to far away location, unable to connect to Home Slingbox over internet

      - 9/6/2011 - Have relative enter home location and pull power to cable modem and linksys router (Home computer remains off - so home computer was not cause of network issue)

      - Slingbox is then ok and accessible over internet

      - Finishing watching tv for night, let Slingbox acccount time out

      - Try to watch again in morning, get same error, unable to connect to slingbox

      - Slingbox has fixed IP address of and Port 5001 per set up instuctions

      - Public IP address changes each time Cable Modem and Router are cycled.

      - OOMA VOIP phone service also connected to Linksys router for years stays up and running at all times, does not loose connectivitiy or service at any time.


      Do not know what trouble shooting steps to pursue next and do not believe Linksys router firmware is issue since all was well 7/2/11 up to 9/2/2011.


      Question for the forum:

      • What could cause the Linksys router and Cable Modem to require a power on/off reset suddenly on 9/2/2011 after all was working perfectly since early July 2011?
      • Never upgraded firmware on Linksys routed since original purchase - could this be an issue?


      Thank you all for your ideas in advance!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          These are only ideas, as I have never experienced the program you described with any of my cable modem/router combinations (and none of them include a Linksys).


          (1) very unlikely, in my opinion, that a firmware update, or lack thereof, to the cable modem or the router, would be causing this problem


          (2) it sounds like something is running (perhaps hidden in background?) on your computer that is attempting to control the cable modem/router, so that when the computer is turned off and then back on, the cable modem "loses sync" and then attempts to re-establish a new connection, as though it was being connected to your Internet Service Provider for the very first time.


          (3) since this may be something (even possibly something nefarious) running on your computer, I would try, if it were my setup, to do a System Restore of my computer to a date prior to September 2.   If you have System Restore turned on in your computer, which usually sets a Restore Point every time you do a Windows Update or other system software change, you still should be able to find a Restore Date before September 2.



          So I would try #3, with the computer DISCONNECTED from the router when you do the System Restore (and have both the modem and router unplugged from power0, then after the Restore completes, shut the computer down, then power up the modem and wait for its lights to settle down, then power up the router and wait for its lights to settle down, then connect the computer to the router and power up the computer.