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    Slow Remote Connection Speed


      I have a new Slingbox Pro-HD box.  I'm getting great connection speeds local. Around 7000 kbps. Slingbox is connected to router with a 25 ft ethernet cable.


      When I connect remotely. I only get around 300-500 kbps.  I have ran speedtest.net to test upload speeds. I get 2.64 Mb at the location of the Slingbox Pro-HD. I have connected from 2 remote locations (one in Florida, one in London).  Download speed at remote locations are 14 Mb.


      Just had a online chat with specialist at Sling. Sling specialist said that I should not have ethernet cable longer that 6 ft between Slingbox and router. This doesn't sound right to me.  He recommend installing Slinglink or wireless bridge or moving Slingbox to within 6 ft of router. I would think that if the 25 ft cable was the problem I would get poor connection local.


      I have another Slingbox Pro-HD in Florida that I connect to.  I usually get around 1000 kbs connection from this location. This is watchable.  The 300-500 kbs breaks up a lot and not very watchable.


      Any input or suggestion would be arrreciated.



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          I only use cable for internet access. No TV channels.  The cable company put a filter on my line so I don't get TV channels. Removed the filter and I went from 300-500 kbs to 2000 kbs on PC and 3000 kbs on SlingCatcher. What a difference. Still using 25 ft ethernet cable.... Don't know how long it will last until they figure out the filter was removed.

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              I suspect that the cable company will know within minutes that the filter is gone, but I would think that they can properly "activate" the line in their system so that you are delivered the full internet speeds that you have contracted for, without having your video streaming capability hampered.  A phone discussion with a cable company service technician might resolve this.