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    There was an error connecting to your sling box, please try again


      Please help!


      I just got this slingbox Solo and have had issues since the beginning trying to set it up. 


      First the connection wouldn't read at all over my network.  Finally, after reading some of the posts online, I was able to reinstall the software, reset the machine and the network connection seems to be up.


      Unfortunatley, when I go through the Set Up Assistant, (on a Mac) I get the slingbox to read as being connected, I am about to configure all the settings for the receiver and DVR, I click next, and after a moment of hesitation the message pops up and tells me that "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox, please try again... would you like to try again?  yes or no? 


      I click yes and nothing happens.  I click NO and it takes me back to where the Assistant finds my "unconfigured" slingbox on the network and wants to set up.


      Any Ideas?


      I've read some other posts that seem similar but as far as I can tell, no one really has found a solution to this problem.