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    Tivo S3 and recent loss of only two keyboard shortcuts

    tjbinno Newbie

      A few weeks ago switched over to Slingbox Solo.   Have been running all software (desktop, iPad and IE versions) fine with the Tivo Series 3 remote control for about a week or two.


      A minor problem:


      When I'm on my Windows PC I'll normally use keyboard shortcuts instead of the onscreen remote buttons.  For some reason two days ago, I've lost the use of the "=" and '-" keys on my keyboard, which correspond to the "channel page up" "channel page down" keys on the Tivo.  They were working fine up until then.


      The buttons still work on the Sling remote but the keyboard shortcut of those two don't.  Yet all my other keyboard key shortcuts like u, p, m space, left right up and down arrows all still work correctly. 


      Just the = and - seem to be affected.


      I've tried reconfiguring my  "remote" in the video setup but that did not fix the = and -.  Still other keys work.


      Not a major problem but kinda weird.