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    Max Speed?


      Quick question. I am in Spain and have a 50 Megs internet connection (I have tested and it is real) which I upgraded from 6 Megs. The speed on my slingbox did not improve with this switch (1400 Kbps).

      While I understand that it may be limited by the internet upload speed in the US (dad's house), when I was in the US (but about 600 miles from my dad's house), I was able to connect faster (2200 Kbps).

      Does anyone know what might cause this and what possible solutions exist? I have the Stream Optimization set to Automatic.

      Thanks for any help!


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          callanish Apprentice

          Scott, the problem is latency where distance plays a huge factor with sling's stream. Using a 5mb upload speed in the U.K, I am getting a 2.6mb stream from a distance of a few hundred miles from my slingbox. 5000 miles away on the west coast U.S, my maximum is 1.4mb's out of my slingcatcher and slingplayer. Tried everything from minor things like changing the manual encoding settings within the slingplayer and changing the MTU settings on the router to upgrading my router and internet speeds on both ends, but with very little to show for it. I've got plenty of bandwidth on both sides, but I've yet to come across a solution on how to achieve any improvement in my speeds if I'm watching my slingbox from the other side of the world. Seems like it just bottle necks when a great distance is involved. Still trying to find a solution, but I've done enough research to know that the limitation is within the slingbox stream type and because of this, a 1.4mb stream might be the highest stream speed you are going to get out of your remote viewing location.

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              Thank you for the info, great help.


              Do you know if, with my 1500-1700 kbps connection I will be able to watch in HD if my father got the Pro HD? I have a Macbook Pro with 2.26 Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB of memory.