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    iPhone 4's on home wireless prevents wireless on iPhones from working


      Just bought the Slingbox Solo and have everything set up. I can run slingbox and wifi from my Macbook Pro via wifi without any issues, I have no problems connecting to the net or runnung speedtest.net via wifi. The problem is with my two iphone4's connected via wifi on my home network. If the Slingbox is connected the iphones wifi does not work, gong to any website times out. Can't even connect to speednet.test with the iphone app, it fails to find a server.  If I disconnect the Slingbox, then we don't have any problems with the iphones.  What is odd is my Macbook Pro's wifi is not effected, only the on the iphone's. 

      I've reinstalled the iphone slingbox apps on both phones, port forwarding is properly set up.  This is on Verizon FIOS with an ActionTec MI425 rev E router. I can ping the iphones via the router with min/max 40/150ms delays.

      Video on 3G (AT&T) is a little choppy but it does work on the iphone's. 

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance