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    how much data does slingbox use in home?


      I am going to be using  the slingbox for one thing - to be able to change the channel at my mom's home. Wondering if a mobile hotspot would work, or if all of here TV viewing would now be using data.  I need a better understanding of how the slingbox operates in the home. Any help would be appreciated.


      More details of situation: Mom has basic cable in a retirement home, there is not the option of a cable box.  It is just coax from wall to TV. Initially bought M2, but that  won't work so I am buying a refurbished Slingbox Pro.  She often needs the channel changed when no one is there to help her, but I haven't found any solution for that remotely other than the slingbox.   Since she doesn't have or otherwise need internet, I am looking for the least expensive option to do this. I would rather not sign a 12 month contract for internet if I don't have to.  Thanks again!