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    Data fees


      I just purchased a slingbox solo in order to be able to watch tv from any room in my house.  No remote viewing.  I have Uverse and I am now worried about the slingbox using data, since Uverse now meters data.  I was worried with the watch.slingbox.com web app.  I was able to download the Mac app, but I am still nervous. Any help is appreciated.

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          First of all, U-Verse is not yet monitoring data usage.  They don't have the tool in place yet.  Secondly, if you're watching at home, you simply launch SlingPlayer and are connected to your router via WIFI, not the internet.  Third, when U-Verse does start monitoring data usage, I doubt you will have to worry.  It's a pretty generous allocation.  The will warn you if you're getting close.