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    My slingbox hd only find HD channels


      Hi to all,


      I have some issues with my slingbox hd : I ve just moved to a new place, where numeric signal is way more stronger with my coaxial antenna than it used to be.

      There i can get SD and HD channels perfectly on my tv, but if i connect the slingbox hd, i am unable to find my channels.

      It finds 5 black screen HD channels, and misses all the SD channels i used to watch. I did the regular and extended search without success


      Anyone have an idea please ?


      I am french and my slingbox is in france.


      Thanks !

        • Re: My slingbox hd only find HD channels

          Hi, bouachi


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO HD since it does not get all of your channels.


          The first question is where did you purchase your Slingbox PRO HD? If you purchased it in U.S., it will not work for you since U.S. and France use a different TV video format (NTSC for U.S. and SECAM in France).


          If this is not your case, I recommend you to provide further details about your network connection.