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    is a output hook up required?


      I have just gotten a prohd.  It shows as connected and set up complete, but when I try to watch, I get static and no video.  I currently have coax cable going in with no outputs hooked up.  Is an output device like a tv required to be connected?  Or should I look for another problem causing no output via the web player?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I assume you have setup the coax input for your system ?


          Do you have a cable box or just straight from the wall ?


          Do you have the coax input selected as the source ?

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            Hi cms304,


            We need you to be more specific. Unfortunately, your post is not clear enough and we need you to give us more information to help you out to make this work.



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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              Assuming you have a Slingbox Pro-HD (since that is the forum you are posting in), you don't need a TV after the Slingbox Pro-HD, which has its own built-in tuner.   But to me, the condition you describe suggests that there is no TV signal coming into the Slingbox on the cable you've connected.  So I would suggest disconnecting the cable end from the Slingbox and connecting it to a TV, and see if the TV shows all video and audio.  Perhaps the cable, or one of its connectors is defective?   Or the wall connector for your TV signal is defective?