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    Can't watch my slingbox using web-based player


      Long time ago i used to have no problems when watching my slingbox using the web based player.  Then one day, it just stopped working.  I have 3 different computers, one of them is always at work, the other 2 always stay at home, i can't watch tv using the web based player on either one of them, first i thought there was a problem with my computers but i just bought 2 new ones to replace the old ones and the problem persists.  it's not the network either, even if i am at home using my own WLAN where there's no restriction, nothing.  if i use my sister's computer from her house, nada.  if i use my laptop at work, same thing, nothing. BUT, when i use the standalone pc application or the mobile one, i don't have any problems at all, no matter where i am at or what network i am using or what computer i use (or mobile device).  i'm using IE 8 and now windows 7 but was previously using same IE8 on a XP machine.  my sister has vista.  i don't think this is a browser problem, it used to work fine.  i don't want to think this is happening to me because i have an "old" and no longer supported A/V box, so if you're reading this and have an A/V box and don't have problems, please let me know.


      i have installed and uninstalled (and upgraded) the webslingplayer add-on many times already.


      does anybody have an answer to this problem? thanks.

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          BrandonC Novice

          What are the lights on the Slingbox doing? See here http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000041.html

          You may need to reset the box and then do a setup on your local LAN.

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            I'm having a similar problem.


            I have a slingbox solo.  It has been working fine while away using a desktop XP system.  Then I started using my new Windows 7 laptop on the road and it too worked fine.  Then, after two weeks of using the laptop, I decided to use the desktop again (outside of my home network) and it keeps hanging.  I checked and the browser is IE8.  So, I thought, what's going on?  I decided to reload the plug-in.  I even reinstalled the Windows Installer because I thought that might be corrupted.  But, still nothing.  So I powered up my laptop thinking that there's something wrong with the Slingbox, but it works fine.  So, I am totally confused.


            What happens, is that I log in.  Then it says Checking your sling box account.  Then it allows me to choose my slingbox.  Then it says, connecting to 'my' slingbox.  Then the little circle of circles starts running to show you that something is happening.  Then it close the website because there is a problem with the web page.  I can't fix it.  I'm very frustrated.  Any thoughts???  I've been searching and can't find any possible resolution.  AND I can take this desktop back to my home network.

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                I feel your pain.  I am having the same problem on two different XP machines and I don't know why.  The Application plays the video flawlessly.  I try and use the web page to view my sling and it crashes IE8 and Firefox 3.6.3.  I am still waiting for an answer too.


                again to tech support:


                XP PRO SP3

                Slingbox Pro

                All three lights are on solid

                Works ok via SlingPlayer

                Works ok via Iphone App


                Browser pluggin crashes in IE8 and Firefox 363

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                Hi ChEpE LoNi, make sure that the Internet Viewing is set up in your Slingbox at home, if the issue persist try to reset the Slingplayer plugin.


                If this doesn't help, please let us know. The more details and information can provide, the better we (the forum community and Sling Media) can help.

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                    hi rafaelb, thank you for your help.


                    yes, internet viewing is set up correctly.


                    let me review the whole thing:


                    long time ago, 3 old computers, all with XP and IE8, installed slingplayer application, worked fine on all of them, at home, and outside of it (so internet viewing is setup ok all the time)


                    then webslingplayer came out,installed and worked fine for a while, all of a sudden, after one upgrade of the add-on i think it was, quit working.   for a while i thought it was a matter of my network or 3 computers ... (eventhough it is a weird coincidence).  the standalone application kept working fine without problems all this time.


                    then, i got 2 new computers (win7 this time), i thought that was going to solve my problems.  installed the players, standalone and web, the first keep working alright, as always, the second, worked fine for 1 day on the 2 new computers, then the old problem came back.  all this time, i can sling fine with the standalone app and mobile app either at home (my LAN) or outside of it.  i have also tried different computers (my sister's) from different networks outside home.  webslingplayer never works.


                    this is the behavior:


                    - while outside my house, i click on WATCH, then the little window saying MP3 codec something pops up, i click ok, then "checking for your sling account" comes on the screen (something between those lines) and then asks me "which slingbox would you like to connect to" and my slingbox below BUT with the button next to the name (left side) OFF, but i know my slingbox is ON and if i run the standalone app it will let me connect to it.  so it's there working, i know that. i go ahead and click on it anyways and says "connecting to xxxx's slingbox" and then "there was an error connecting to the box, please check ........ "


                    - if i am at home, the same thing happens except that this time, that little button next to the name is solid GREEN, but even then i got the same kind of error message and it doesn't let me sling as i would like to.


                    one more thing, just yesterday, i got a different router (first one went RIP), i set it up correctly, virtual server and all that .... because of that reason i had to reset the slingbox, so there, i had to do it.  well, i had to reconfigure my slingbox, first i did it using the slingplayer standalone app wizard, but i got to the point where it was supposed to download the tv guide and got this error telling me the app needed internet access, and there was internet access so i don't know what went wrong but then guess what .... i did the set up using the website, everything was fine, i did all the steps correctly, to #6 internet viewing and when it was supposed to go the next and final step .... PUM! ERROR ... can connect to your slingbox (something between those lines) .....  >:(  what it is weird is the fact that just before step #6 i was able to watch the video images of my tv feed on the little screen that was on the left side of it (if you have done the slingbox setup on the website you'll know what i am talking about).


                    my conclusion:


                    -it can't be the computers, i got 2 new ones and the problem persists.

                    -it can't be my WLAN, i can sling without problems in and outside home using standalone pc and mobile apps.

                    -for a moment i thought it was my work network, but again, no problems using standalone pc and mobile apps.

                    -i have tried webslingplayer from different networks and computers besides the ones described before (tried to websling from my sister's house using her computer and, obviously, her wlan), no luck.

                    -just got a new router, problem persists.

                    -have reset, reinstalled numerous time, just did it recently once again, sadly, no luck.


                    now, there's only one thing left to do that i just thought of it yesterday, on my router, i opened port 80 to be able to sling (well, actually one of the tech support guys did it for me long time ago when i just got my slingbox).  i'll see if changing that to .... 5001 (???) makes a difference, but honestly i doubt it.

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                    IE 8 still crashing when trying to view video over webpage.