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    Remote Viewing Connection Issues with ISP?


      I am using StarHub Cable Vision in Singapore and have recently ran into speed issues when trying to use my slingbox at home. When using the Slingbox mobile app on my iPhone I am streaming around 400-700kbps and have no real issues. However, when I am using my home internet connection I am receiving less than 100kbps and can't even get a solid audio connection. I have tried to connect via wifi and directly to my modem, bypassing the router with no success. This only started happening the past couple of days so I am concerned that my ISP may be limiting bandwidth to port 5001 or throttling my bandwith altogether.


      When connected to StarHub d/l speeds are between 12-35 mbps; u/l is 2-5 mbps; and latency is around 15ms


      Has anyone else experienced similar issues? If my ISP is the issue, would using a VPN solve the issue?