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    Solo keeps dropping internet connection


      I bought my slingbox solo like 2 years ago, and it worked great while I used it a school. I didnt use it for a few months and when I tried using it again it wasn't working. I figured I would just reset it and start over. Now when I try to set it up it drops the internet connection part of the way through and I get an error message saying


      "Your slingbox disconnected because of poor internet connection. Try connecting again."


      I have to use the slinglink because my router is in the other room.


      So far I tried:

           disconnecting it from the tv and slinglink, and moving it next to my router so I could hardline it. didnt work

           reseting the router and slingbox to factory defaults. didnt work

           set up port forwarding as instructed on the site. didnt work


      I have a Actiontech MI424WR router with fios, and my computer is running Mac OSX 10.7. Tried using both safari and firefox. slingplayer app doesnt work either. I'm on the same network as the slingbox too.


      Ive easily tried like 20-30 times to set it up. If I go through it faster i get further along in the process. Both the power and network lights are solid until I try to set it up, then the network one flashes.


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          I'm in a time crunch cause of football so I just payed the $30 to talk to tech support. They went through a few steps with me and determined its a defective box. The $30 is getting refunded and their sending me a new box for free. I'm 2 years out of the tech support period so I was supprised they did all this for free. Hopefully this works. Ill update once I get the new box.

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              New one arrived today. Talked my parents through the setup over the phone and everything works perfectly. It sucks to have to pay the $30 to talk to tech support, but if you have really troubleshooted and figured out its not your connection or setup thats broken, I would call them. I got the $30 refunded and got the new box sent for free and I am nowhere near being in the warranty period.

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              Same happening to my two slingbox pro there are now tolally dead and can't even resets to out of the box settings. What going on with our Slingplayers?