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    Poor SlingCatcher performance vs Laptop


      I've been using a SlingCatcher at my vacation home for a year or so now (slinging from a ProHD back home) and it has been acceptable.  Even though I have plenty of bandwidth (13MB down, 5MB up back home) I've always been disappointed by the quality.  If I use the "HD" setting the picture constantly skips (then catches up) and the audio and video are out of sync.  I've lived using 640x480 and the motion is smooth, but the audio/video are not quite synced.  I figured it was the network.  The stream speeds are typically around 2500 Kbps and it's hardwired via ethernet to my router.


      Recently I got a new MacBook Pro which I connected to my TV via HDMI.  I was shocked to see silky smooth HD and speeds up around 5000 Kbps.  I literally just tested this right now...was using the Catcher, getting 2500, fired up Safari on the MacBook (over WiFi no less) and the picture was instantly smooth, audio synced, and speeds were up around 4-5000. 


      Is this just reflective of poor SlingCatcher hardware/software?  It can't take a HD feed and can't keep the video/audio synced while the MacBook works fine???  Thought that was strange.  I'm tempted to get a MacMini to keep permantly attached to my TV!

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          Hi, MiddKid


          I understand that you are having some issues with your SlingCatcher, since it shows a poor performance.


          There are some things that you must take into account before you point the SlingCatcher as a faulty unit.


          Even though your local connection speed is more than enough, you have not provided any information about the connection speed you get at the remote location you are using the SlingCatcher. Keep in mind that the SlingCatcher needs at least a connection speed above 1Mbps for SD and 3Mbps for HD signals.


          Regarding the synch issue, it is necessary to determine if this issue also affects the Slingbox. In that case, the root cause might be at the Slingbox location.