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    Remote for Humax 9150 doesn't work properly?


      Hi all, I have removed my Slingbox Solo from my Sky HD box and given it to my daughter to use on her Humax PVR9150 Freeview box.  In Slingpalyer, I can not find a remote for the 9150 so I chose the remote for the 9200 model.  At first glance, the remote seems to work OK, but using the up/down and sideways buttons to change channels or to navigate the EPG, the channels/progammes jump two at a time so it is impossible to choose a programme to record or to watch using the up/down and sideways function buttons.  (Selecting a channel using the number buttons on the remote works OK).  Using the keyboard to navigate also does this so it seems that the 9200 remote is subtly different to the 9150 one.  Does anyone knbow if I can get a proper functioning Slingplayer remote for a Humax PVR 9150?