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    Can't reset Slingbox


      I was watching the player the other day when suddenly it could not find any boxes connected to the account anymore.

      This has happend before, but then i only turn the box off and on again and usually it starts up again. ANother time i had to reset the slingbox and it was working again after that.

      But this time nothing helps. When i checked out the slingbox at the "send" location only the power light was lit. Tried the usual routine with disconnecting power and so on but still no network light on. I went on to hit the reset button, which did nothing, no blinking logo or anything.. Tried several times again but nothing.


      Is my slingbox broken?

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          portapipe Newbie

          Same problem! Stesso problema!

          I try to reset but.. nothing! It gives me a w200 error (nat/firewall) but I try to connect it (fastweb) directly into the modem without success!

          2 day ago it was running perfectly but from a day to another...

          There was some update that we didn't saw?


          I've tried 3 differents lan cables but it wasn't that the problem.


          HELP PLEASE! I NEED IT! (and I love it... it miss me!) Thanks

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            Same problem again, response on the computer, have tried both on the same network and remotely with no joy.


            The Slingbox shows network and power lights, and the general red background light from inside.


            Have tried resetting at the back and switching off and on, all to no avail.


            Anyone any solutions.

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              Well, this forum support was apparently a complete waste of time. So now what, where does one turn to get some help or advise on the matter?? Anyone?

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                portapipe Newbie

                I send my slingbox back to a check up. Probably the problem is the power adapter.

                I'll told you what's the problem..

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                    Allright, so the power adapter is the problem. Did you send yours back to where you bought it?

                    I bought mine in some UK duty free shop and i'm located in Sweden, so i don't suppose i should send it there, must be somewhere else i can ship it to, right?

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                        portapipe Newbie

                        Yep, I send mine back to where I bought it but an employers call me and he told me that I could call Sling Media Support directly, the one in my country (Italy), to have the replacement part directly from them at my house address! But I have some trouble here so I prefer to receive it in the store. So: you can call the support in your country that you can find here on the right column: http://support.slingbox.com/go/contact-sling-media but I post you the phone numbers anyway (sorry, they are in italian):


                        Italia: (02) 7541 9724

                        Danimarca: (08) 223 2714

                        Finlandia: (09) 81710156

                        Francia: (01) 4993 9011

                        Germania: (069) 9530 7383

                        Il Belgio: 02 620 0296

                        Irlanda: (01) 605 0340

                        La Svizzera: 022 567 5296

                        Paesi Bassi: (020) 654 5372

                        Norvegia: (023) 500 111

                        Spagna: (091) 375 4529

                        Svezia: (08) 5199 2138

                        RU: (020) 7294 0157


                        I told to the store where I bought my Slingbox that I read in this blog that the problem could be the power adapter and, when they called the Sling Media Support numbers, they told him that the problem could really be the power adapter, but I think that they told it because I told it to the store when I send my SB to repair, so... let's see what will going on!


                        Hope this help someone. Stay in touch!


                        p.s. sorry for my english

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                        I have the same problem...  So what...the power adapters are only made to last a couple years?  Should there be a recall on these items?

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                        so just received a replacement power adapter and all working perfectly


                        customer support very helpful and sent new one free of charge

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                          So, i took the Slingcatcher power supply and pit that one in the SOLO instead and immediatly it worked again. Also i called the Slingbox support and they will send me a new one within the week. Everthing went very smoothly as soon i new what the problem was, so thank you guys!


                          Now, since i went out in the deep end and tried some tweaking i have another problem with the box. Only had the box working for about 10 minutes. Kinda ironic, but it's my own fault this time. That however is something i will have to adress in another thread.

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                            Well I have a solution, having used the telephone numbers kindly posted above and not having been charged by Slingbox for the advice.


                            I identified that whilst my power light was on full and my network light was on dimly, the result was common to similar prooblems.


                            As I was out of warranty the Slingbox guys were not able to help, though they advised it was a power supply problem.


                            I will be honest I was slightly doubtful that this simple issue could be the cause of all my woes, so being handy with electronics and always having a multitude of power supplies I found one that matched the characteristics of the original.


                            Once attached to the Slingbox and plugged in the machine sprang back to life!


                            Thanks for all the help and good luck with your own solutions!



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                              My Slingbox Classic came with a 6V power supply which claims a 0-2.4 Amp output, preset to 2 Amps.


                              I didn't have a 2.0 Amp Power Supply, but I had a 1.8 Amp unit from  Radio Shack lying around and that worked just fine.


                              Boy, those symptoms are very misleading -- make you think your unit has expired.