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    Using Slingbox with a t-Mobile contract




      I'm using a HTC HD 2 phone with a German T-Mobile contract (including an internet flat). I heard T-Mobile Germany inhibits a streaming connection with this flat? Can anybody confirm this or has further information?


      Thanks in advane.



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          At this point, we could not tell you for sure about the policies your phone carrier or Internet Service Provider (ISP) might apply. Here is what we support:


          Recommended Windows Mobile devices


          Just make sure to check this link in order to get all the information about the supported Mobile devices.



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            millermmail Newbie

            You'll probably have to ask your carrier what the rules are for watching streaming video (probably best to ask it in general and not say SlingBox by name)


            I don't know about other places but here in the US I think most cellular carriers have something in the fine print that basically says you can't use the data for anything but email and basic web browsing.  That said, I know over here they don't really bother anyone unless you go over the maximum monthly data limit (I think most "unlimited" plans allow 5GB/month) then they start charging overage fees by the megabyte.


            Personally, I make an effort to find a WiFi hotspot if I will watch more than a couple minutes, then I'm not using my cellular internet so they can't complain what I do.