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    Hag Fastweb (Italy) and connection with Slingbox Solo without router


      Hi i have a very simple question. I have now my Slingbox SOLO but i can test it only next monday 5.09 and i will leave abroad on 06.09 so i will have only one day to set correctly. At home i have a HAG Fastweb (Italy) and connected to the hag a normal Access Point (no router) to have the Wi Fi at home.

      Can i just plug the ethernet cable to the HAG fastweb and make the configuration with the Slingplayer with my Pc at home or i need to buy a Router (without ADSL to work with the Hag Fastweb) and configure all like open the port 5001 to work with the Slingbox Solo. My doubt concerning the possibility to watch the TV outside via Ipad, via PC everywhere and not at home only. I don't know if once connected the Slingbox the hag will change the IP all the time or if is blocked for any other reason.

      Please answer to me ASAP to be ready monday for any kind of problem