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    Do I have to OUTPUT Slingbox back to TV?


      This might sound a bit complicated, but it's really not.... Apologies (and thanks) in advance!!



      I have an HDTV with only ONE component input......and it is being used by my xbox (older xbox...no HDMI)


      The only other TV input available is HDMI.


      So in order to connect my DirecTV box to the TV, it must be via HDMI.


      The problem here is that Slingbox Solo doesn't have any HDMI inputs/outputs.



      As I understand, in order to properly connect DirecTV & Slingbox, I have to:


      1. OUTPUT DirecTV ---> INPUT Sling.


      2. OUTPUT Sling ---->  Input TV


      (either by component or RCA.....but if I go RCA, then I won't be able to watch DirecTV in HD on my TV)



      So finally my question..........


      If my DirecTV box has 2 outputs (one HDMI, one component), and I plug:




      1. HDMI directly to the TV

      2. Component to Slingbox  (But NO Slingbox output back to TV)



      .....Will Slingbox still function????