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    Sling for webOS.


      Sling' will you please create an app for WebOS.  They have sold millions of touchpads in the last week or so.  It looks like webOS will live on.



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          I agree.  Love my Touchpad for watching video.  I have ahd slingBox for a while now would love to use my Touchpad with it.  Plays Flash out fo the box has a Linux based browser can not be that hard to create.  Or atleast use watch.slingbox.com

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            Hi mycuco86,


            It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox will support the WebOS and related devices.


            At this moment the Slingbox or the SlingPlayer application (on any of its versions) are not providing support for the WebOS and any related device. We do not know if it will be supported in the near future. We can only encourage you to keep on checking our web site at www.slingbox.com for further details.