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    Configuring Network


      I just purchased the Slingbox Pro HD and am trying to configure it on my network.


      My router is Trendnet TEW639GR.  A virtual router settings page can be found http://www.trendnet.com/emulators/TEW-639GR_v1.0R/internet/lan.htm


      My wireless bridge is Trendnet TEW647GA


      I can connect the bridge to my router and the connection is established.


      The network light on my Slingbox blinks for awhile and then turns off, meaning there is a network issue.


      1.  I've added a DHCP reservation for my Slingbox using the MAC address of the Slingbox.  What IP should I put in the box on the bottom of this page?  http://www.trendnet.com/emulators/TEW-639GR_v1.0R/internet/lan.htm Can I just randomly choose an IP address?  Does it have to be in the range of the DHCP Start IP and End IP?  Should it be outside of those?


      2.  I've also forwarded port 5001 using this page http://www.trendnet.com/emulators/TEW-639GR_v1.0R/advanced/port_range.htm .  I'm under the impression that when I assign the IP on this page, I will use the same IP as I chose on #1.


      Once I add the DHCP reservation and forwarded the port 5001, I should be able to get a solid network indicator on my Slingbox?


      Thanks for your help!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I have an older brand of Trendnet router, which allows me to assign a specific and static IP address to my Slingbox.   The user manual that I found online for your brand of Trendnet router seems to provide only instructions for a "DHCP reservation", which the manual describes thusly:


          "Add/Edit DHCP Reservation  This option lets you reserve IP addresses, and assign the same IP address to the network device with the specified MAC address any time it requests an IP address. This is almost the same as when a device has a static IP address except that the device must still request an IP address from the router. The router will provide the device the same IP address every time. DHCP Reservations are helpful for server computers on the local network that are hosting applications such as Web and FTP. Servers on your network should either use a static IP address or use this option."


          The problem that I am wondering about with this slightly different approach to giving the Slingbox a static IP address is that the Slingbox must still request an IP address from the router.   Perhaps that is done when you press the Reset button on the back of the Slingbox, but if you have a power failure, would the Slingbox automatically request an IP address again from the router when the power is restored?  or would you have to press the Reset button on the back of the Slingbox again?


          In my case, I assigned the static IP address 192.168.x.254 to my Slingbox, where 192.168.x.1 is the IP address of my router -- different routers use different IP addresses for their "home" location.  Then after saving this assignment, I went to the "Virtual Server" section of my routers user manual and forwarded port 5001 -- both the TDP and the UDP protocols -- to the static IP address that I assigned to the Slingbox.  Then after rebooting both the router and the Slingbox, I was good to go.


          I don't use a wireless bridge -- my Slingbox is hardwired to my router via Ethernet cable -- so I don't know if just any wireless bridge will work well with the Slingbox.   Hopefully, others on this forum who use wireless connections to their Slingbox will chime in here with better advice than mine.


          Good luck.